Fortin Tech Tips

All solutions listed on have been tested and confirmed. Here are the most common mistakes that will not allow the module to "learn" the vehicle:


In Mode Selection

If you cannot pass the first steps, then there is an issue with one of the following:

Firmware is incorrect for the vehicle. Verify you have flashed the proper firmware for your car.

The Yellow Wire (A1) already has 12 volts present on it, and it should have 0 Volts on it at this time.

Power & Ground. Verify the power and ground being supplied to the module.


CAN-BUS programming and Key Data Acquisition

If the LEDs are not flashing as per installation manual, then you will have to check:

The Yellow Wire (A1): Verify if this wire is connected to the vehicle ignition wire. It should read 0 Volts DC with Ignition OFF and 12 Volts DC with Ignition ON and should not drop out during crank.

Can-Bus: If the wires are backwards or making a weak connection, the led will not flash. Verify the wires connected to the CAN-BUS. If this connection is made at the OBD-II plug, make sure that you are looking at it from the pin side, not the wire side, as for the other connectors. Each wire should have roughly 2.5 Volts DC.

Key Data Wire/s: Verify if the wires are not connected backwards (2 wire connection) or if the wires are in the right direction of the cut (1 wire connection).


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