Technical Tips iDataLink / iDataStart / Compustar / Omega


The vehicle’s battery should be disconnected during the installation process. Any modules or control units disconnected during your install, should be reconnected before reconnecting the vehicle’s battery.Mandatory for ADS-THR-MAZ3 applications.

DC3 Programming Error Codes

Programming Diagnostics

Self-help diagnostic codes for troubleshooting module learn issues.

5 Red LED Flashes During Learning

If the module blinks 5 times red during learning or the parking lights are flashing during remote start, an OEM remote starter is detected on the vehicle's CAN bus and must be disconnected before the ADS bypass can be programmed to the vehicle.

Hyundai and Kia regular key model sold in U.S.

There's no Immobilizer system on Hyundai and Kia vehicles (with regular key) built for the U.S. market. Only RFID & Push to start vehicles are using transponder immobilizer systems.