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Axxess AX-GMCL2 GM Data Interface 2000-2013 - Shark Electronics

Axxess AX-GMCL2 GM Data Interface 2000-2013

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AX-GMCL2 GM Data Interface 2000-2013

  • Provides accessory power (12-volt 10-amp)
  • Retains R.A.P (retained accessory power
  • Provides NAV outputs (parking brake / reverse / speed sense)
  • Retains chimes through an onboard speaker
  • Pre-wired ASWC-1 harness (ASWC-1 sold separately)
  • Designed for non-amplified models / analog amplified models / or when bypassing a factory amp
  • Retains balance and fade
  • Micro B USB updatable

Century 2004-2005
Lacrosse 2005-2009
Rainier 2005-2007
Rainier 2004-2004 * (1)
Regal 2004
Rendezvous 2002-2007
Terraza 2005-2007

Escalade / Escalade ESV & EXT 2003-2006 * (3)
Avalanche 2003-2006 * (2)
Cavalier 2000-2005
Colorado 2004-2012
Corvette 2005-2013
Express 2003-2007
Impala 2000-2005
Kodiak C4500-C8500 2003-2009
Malibu 2001-2003
Malibu Classic 2004-2005
Monte Carlo 2000-2005
Silverado 2003-2006 * (2)
Silverado Classic 2007 * (2)
SSR 2003-2006
Suburban 2003-2006 * (2)
Tahoe 2003-2006 * (2)
Trailblazer 2007-2009
Trailblazer 2002-2006 * (1)
Uplander 2005-2008

Canyon 2004-2012
Envoy 2007-2009
Envoy 2002-2006 * (1)
Savana 2003-2007
Sierra 2003-2006 * (2)
Sierra Classic 2007 * (2)
Top Kick C4500-C8500 2003-2009
Yukon / Yukon XL 2003-2006 * (2)

H2 2003-2007 * (3)
H3 / H3T 2006-2010

Ascender 2003-2008
H Series 2003-2008
I Series pickups 2006-2008

Alero 2001-2004
Bravada 2002-2004 * (1)
Intrigue 2002

Aztec 2001-2005
Grand Am 2001-2005
Grand Prix 2004-2008
Montana SV6 2005-2008
Sunfire 2000-2005

9-7× 2005-2009

Relay 2005-2007

(1) These vehicles have a digital amplifier option. Please reference the Service Parts Identification sticker located in the glove box for the RPO code UQA. If UQA is present then the vehicle is equipped with a digital amplifier. Either use the AX-GMCL2-SWC or bypass the amplifier.

(2) These vehicles have a digital amplifier option. Please reference the Service Parts Identification sticker located in the glove box for the RPO code Y91. If Y91 is present then the vehicle is equipped with a digital amplifier. Either use the AX-GMCL2-SWC or bypass the amplifier.

(3) These vehicles are standard for a digital amplifier. Either use the AX-GMCL2-SWC or bypass the amplifier.


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